Interdisciplinary PhD Studies SET - from 2016

General Information

The programme of the Interdisciplinary PhD Studies "Society-Environment-Technology" (SET programme) is a continuation of the Jagiellonian University project, realised from 2010 to 2015 and co-funded from Human Capital Operational Programme.

The current form has been shaped after several years of constant evaluation of courses and improving their substantive value.

All courses in SET programme are taught and examined in English by specialists of different fields.

Conditions of participation

Who can participate in the courses offered by SET programme?

  • PhD students of 9 Jagiellonian University faculties (Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology; Biology and Earth Sciences; Chemistry; History; International and Political Studies; Management and Communication; Mathematics and Computer Science; Philosophy; Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science);
  • Foreign students and PhD students, who participate in students' exchange (i.e. Erasmus+) at one of the above listed faculties.


Can people from other faculties participate?
For the time being, no. Only 9 faculties decided to join the programme.


Participation in SET programme is free of charge. If you would like to join one (or more) courses - please write e-mail to: (in advance before the course begins). Number of students in each group is limited, so an order of applications is what decides about the enrollment.

All courses' schedules will be available in the Usosweb system after setting them with lecturers.

There are two ways of participation: you can either choose some of the courses (or even one), or decide to participate in all of them (that is planned for three years).

Courses in Winter (Fall) Semester

Courses in Summer (Spring) Semester