Required documents

Applications are to be completed on-line on the project website (the website will be available from September). The application must be printed and signed and delivered to the project office. The paper version of the application must be accompanied by the following annexes:

  • Copy of student's book with registration of completion of the 1st year or attestation from the faculty Ph.D. studies' secretariat of completion of the 1st year.
  • Document attesting the result of recruitment for Ph.D. studies (for example an attestation from the faculty Ph.D. studies' secretariat).

Moreover, each candidate who declares in the application any scientific achievements, must include suitable documents attesting such achievements:

  • Copies of the first pages of a publication.
  • Attestation of participation in a research project team or leadership in research projects (issued by the Project Manager, or in case of the leadership – by a scientific tutor).
  • Abstracts of papers published in a post-conference book or other document attesting active participation in conferences.
  • Attestation of participation in a scientific internship issued by a scientific tutor.
  • A copy of acceptance of a patent application from the Patent Office.

Candidates who were granted transfer from another scientific unit at one of the faculties of Jagiellonian University participating in the project, will be additionally obliged to present a document attesting such a transfer.