Foreign internships

Scientific scholarships, workshops, schools and training courses are very important elements in building a methodological workshop not only for the Ph.D. students or young doctors, but also for more experienced staff of JU. Within our project, the Ph.D. students and staff (up to 10 years after receiving the PhD) of the faculties participating in the SET project, may apply for the financing of those trips in the form of a competition. JU faculties participating in the project are the Faculties of: (1) Chemistry, (2) Biology and Earth Sciences, (3) Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science, (4) Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology, (5) Mathematics and Computer Science, (6) History, (7) Management and Social Communication, (8) Philosophy, (9) International and Political Studies.

The competition is based on the following meritocratic criteria:

  • Scientific achievements of the applying person, evaluated on the basis of self-evaluation cards for the last 5 years (0-100 pts);
  • Justification for the participation in the internship or scientific school one applies for, including plans for relevant international range publications and/or the presentation of projects for the Framework Programmes. A strong preference will be given to participation in programmes of explicit methodological nature, as well as internships enabling the attainment of knowledge in the practice of high standard skills in research work. Also trips which may contribute to the improvement of the didactic process quality of the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Studies, will be supported (0-30 pts);
  • Plan for the use of outcomes for personal development, along with motivation or positive opinion from the SET Project Manager, regarding use of outcomes to improve the quality of education in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Studies; both approved by Unit Manager (Institute Director or Dean) (0-20 pts);


The competition will be announced twice per year – in summer and winter, based on Regulations for granting scholarships for foreign internships. . The amount of financing depends on the sum for the trip and the quantity of applications.

Detailed information regarding the possibility of requesting internship scholarships is available by e-mail, from the SET Project team:

Project co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund