Research Teams

2nd-year SET students should take part in 4 meetings of Research Teams in different laboratories or departments.

Research Teams schedule


1. Psychophysiology Laboratory at Institute of Psychology

The Psychophysiology Laboratory, established by prof.  Jan Kaiser, explores the neural correlates of a variety of cognitive and affective processes. In the first years our Lab studied early attentional processes and individual differences using autonomic measures, such as heart rate or electrodermal activity. A few years ago our "tool of choice" became electroencephalography. Some of our lab members also use fMRI and eye-tracking.

At present, the following research projects are being run:     

  • How the emotional state is related to patterns of brain activity. In quest of state-dependent correlates of subjective state.  prof. Jan Kaiser, Mirosław Wyczesany, Szczepan Grzybowski
  • How attention influences facial emotions processing. Eligiusz Wronka & Wioleta Walentowska
  • What formal features determine the significance of emotional stimuli. Michał Kuniecki
  • How we perceive simultaneity of multisensory events. Marek Binder
  • How top-down processes influence the perception of words embedded in semantic contexts. Jakub Szewczyk
  • Cognitive functions with an exclusive or prevalent development in humans, especially reading. Marcin Szwed

During meetings we will shortly explain to you our research approaches using examples of our studies.

Contact Person: Marek Binder, PhD,


Place: Mickiewicza 3, room 303

2. Center for Evaluation and Public Policy Analysis

Center's founding idea was to take the fullest advantage of our staff's theoretical knowledge, analytical skills, and research experiences for the purpose of analyzing public policies and programmes. We specialize in research projects on social and economic issues within various fields of public sphere:

  • Human capital
  • Labor market's dynamics
  • Lifelong learning
  • Social Research Methodology
  • Regional Development
  • Higher education
  • Entrepreneurship support
  • Social exclusion

Contact Person: dr Szymon Czarnik,


Place: Grodzka 52, room 68

3. Catalysis and Physicochemistry of Solids Group

Contact Person: dr Piotr Pietrzyk,


Presentation in English

Place: Ingardena 3, room 135


4. Coordination and Bioinorganic Physicochemistry Group

Contact Person: dr Maria Oszajca,; dr Małgorzata Brindell,


Presentation in Polish

Presentation in English

Place: Ingardena 3, room 29


5. Macromolecular nanofilms for electronics and biotechnology

Contact Person: dr Jakub Rysz,


Presentation in Polish

Place: Reymonta 4, meeting starts in front of Dean's office on the first floor.


6. Liquid Crystal Research Group

Contact Person: dr hab. Monika Marzec,


Presentation in English 

Place: Łojasiewicza 11, room D-1-47


7.  Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Contact Person: dr hab. Franciszek Krok,

Presentation in English

Place: Łojasiewicza 11, room C.0-15. Meeting at the porters lodge in main hall (Please be present on time).


8. Genetic Lab

Contact Person: prof. dr hab. Jacek M. Szymura,

Presentation in English

Place: Gronostajowa 9 st. (Institute of Zoology), room 2.61, 2nd floor, sector B (Department of Comparative Anatomy).

Important information: Each participant will be provided with a lab coat. Bringing own laptop is advised.

Class is NOT recommended for the for students of Biology, Biotechnology and related fields. 

9. Paper Degradation Laboratory

Contact Person: dr hab. Tomasz Łojewski,

Presentation in English 

Place: Ingardena 3, room 048


10. Institute of Archaeology

Contact Person: dr Jarosław Źrałka,

Presentation in English

Place: Gołębia 11, room 210.


11. CSI - Forensic Chemistry

Contact Person: dr Renata Wietecha-Posłuszny (, dr Małgorzata Król, dr Michał Woźniakiewicz.

Presentation in English

Place: Ingardena 3, room 38


12. Department of Geographic Information Systems

Contact Person: prof. Jacek Kozak,

Presentation in English

Place: Laboratory 1.24, Institute of Geography and Spatial Management (Gronostajowa 7 st.)

13. X-Ray Crystallography

Contact Person: dr Przemysław Grudnik (

Presentation in English

Place: Małopolskie Centrum Biotechnologii, Gronostajowa 7a st., Please gather near the porter's lodge