About the project

The interdisciplinary Ph.D. studies „Society – Environment – Technologies" is a project realized within the Human Capital Operational Programme, financed from Sub-activity 4.1.1 "Strengthening of the didactic potential of the university and increasing the number of graduates of key faculties for the economy based on knowledge", and it is addressed to the students of Ph.D. studies, young doctors and staff of Jagiellonian University of the following faculties: Chemistry; Biology and Earth Sciences; Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science; Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology; Mathematics and Computer Science; History; Management and Social Communication; Philosophy; International and Political Studies.

The main aim of the programme is the improvement of quality and internationalisation of the education of Ph.D. students and young scientific staff, with particular attention paid to the conducting of interdisciplinary research work and research methodology. As a consequence of this, the project may result in forming an élite research staff able to come up to the challenges of the economy based on knowledge, and create competitive results from scientific research. Project IPhDS SET is offered to employees and Ph.D. students of nine faculties of JU, and by means of various actions it is expected to support their scientific development. A general description is provided in the table below. Detailed information is presented within the sections of the website dedicated to each sub-activity.

Project co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund www.efs.gov.pl