Young doctors

Internships for young doctors are granted for a period of 2 years to people who discussed their Ph.D. dissertation not less than 2 years before the time of recruitment. The intern is employed at the Jagiellonian University as a scientific assistant. 

The people entitled to apply for internships are young doctors from all over the world, willing to conduct their research on one of 9 faculties of Jagiellonian University participating in the project: (1) Chemistry, (2) Biology and Earth Sciences, (3) Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science, (4) Biochemistry, Biophysicsand Biotechnology, (5) Mathematics and Computer Science, (6) History, (7) Management and Social Communication, (8) Philosophy, (9) International and Political Studies.

Recruitment for internships is carried out in an open competition, in which the criteria taken into consideration include: scientific achievements of the candidate, research project, opinion of the direct superior accepting the young doctor, and result of an interview.

People who qualify for the internships, will be obliged to prepare during their internship an application for an external research grant (with particular regard to applications for European Union programmes), conduct scientific research, and be published in prestigious international scientific journals.

Project co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund